"coolness of a villain" -18th century philosopher immanuel kant

theres still claw marks on the simulator doors omfg

ms flint be like “ya fuckin little whores fuckin up my decor”

mike throws the sock on the cda guy AND THEY ALL DOGPILE HIM


what if abigail and bonnie’s first date was that night at harryhausen’s

theyre both in those weird cone things

bonnie’s all flustered like “im so sorry our date didnt go well”

and abigail’s like “no i enjoyed it. much more exciting than my usual dates.” pecks bonnie on the cheek, slips a paper in her hand, and scuttles away

bonnie unfolds the paper and its abigail’s phone number written with “call me -abigail xoxo”

her face is the color of a grape for 3 days

LATER THAT NIGHT AT THE CDA HEADQUARTERS, celia is pissed the fuck off when

suddenly bonnie and abigail regally emerge from the room with cones of shame on their necks

neither of them say anything for a moment

suddenly abigail roars and rips the cone off her neck and stomps it into the ground in a fit of rage in full view of the cameras

she composes herself, sniffs, scuttles away with her head held high

bonnie wordlessly follows her in a lovey-dovey daze

celia watches all of this

Ӝ for crona!


i kno i do panromantic for a lot of peeps but like. i could see crona liking girls and boys and nb ppl. like, i can get behind crona/maka and also get behind crona/soul too. maybe like an ot3.

celia, mike, and sulley all bugging ms flint about her “hot date” and bonnie being all shy and embarrassed

and fuckin’ abigail hardscrabble drives up and is like “ready to go, dear?” and mike and sulley’s jaws drop to the floor and bonnie is TRIPLE EMBARRASSED

bonnie pinning randall down like “you’re under arrest, dickmunch”

and roz like “that’s my girl”

basically i feel ms flint/roz would be like a sulley/waternoose thing except in an au where waternoose wasn’t a fuckin psychopath

bonnie slapping the shit out of a coworker for being all up in her personal space and roz bein like “her. thats her. thats my prodigy”

//Ӝ for Ten. (Since I'm curious as to what you think! :D)

UH UH (sweats)

cis male(or…whatever gender system gallifreyans have????)/asexual/panromantic

SO FROM GIFSETS/YOUR RPING I HAVE DECIDED I DON’T THINK HE WOULD BE INTERESTED IN SEX, but i think he does have romantic feelings for ppl (maybe not exclusively girls, even) but yeah im not sure about the gender thing, because aliens, and also i would really like a female Doctor so im hesitant to label even one of his incarnations as cis. most likely he’s probably agender or bigender.